A Disease of Compulsive and Uncontrolled Drinking

Alcoholism is widely recognised as a disease of compulsive drinking, which can be arrested, but not cured. It is a progressive illness, which will only get worse as long as the person continues to drink. Total abstinence from drinking is the only way to arrest this disease.

Alcoholism affects the entire family; everyone who has contact with the alcoholic is affected. The only person who can stop the alcoholic from drinking is the alcoholic himself or herself.

Our Approach

In Al-Anon we learn that we are powerless to control an alcoholic's drinking. Until we stop trying for control, we will continue to live with the frustration that made us seek Al-Anon. Once we learn to let go of the loving concern for the alcoholic, we can find serenity. Al-Anon members can provide strong support. 

Our Story

Al-Anon was founded over 70 years ago by families of alcoholics who had found recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous. Today, many Al-Anon /Alateen members are finding serenity despite a friend or family member having an active drinking problem or a struggle with sobriety.